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About 4SKINS

4SKINS as the name suggest is a cheeky underwear brand with a strong emphasis on comfort and alluring designs. The mission statement of 4SKINS is that it is a brand that unites all the different skin colours of mankind - be it white, black, yellow or brown. Here at 4SKINS we were inspired by both the diversity and the unification of cultures that we enjoy in our daily lives.

In line with its cheeky connotations plus its meaningful play on the word 4SKINS, we have carried all these elements into our garments. The designs are inspired by the natural contour of the human body by incorporating clean and crisp lines, hence, 4SKINS exudes a sensual sense of style and sophistication.

A lot of work and research has been incorporated to deliver the highest quality and comfortable apparel. This was achieved by selecting superior quality stretch fabrics and trims with a strong emphasis on the cutting. We have conducted extensive wear trials to ensure the comfort and durability of all 4SKINS products making sure that we are of a superior quality.

With the style, comfort and confidence of 4SKINS, we are certain that you won't want to take them off. Think 4SKINS as your second skin.

We believe that we can say a lot more to promote 4SKINS. However, the only way to do justice on what we are and who we are, we encourage you to grab a pair of 4SKINS so that YOU can be the judge on what is being offered.



4SKINS as a universal brand for all types of men understands how difficult it is to keep things cool and fresh from within. So whether you are the corporate type sitting in the office the whole day or the active and physical person spending most of the time outdoors or in the gym. We have something that will suit your needs when it comes to eliminating human body odour.

We are introducing a selection of undies that have the advance Neutralizer odour control technology, keeping you fresh and smelling your best when you finally take them off at the end of each day. The fabric technology works in a way that it builds revolutionary odour control into each and every fibre. By doing this, it attracts, isolates and neutralises unwanted smell immediately.

So where does all the absorbed fumes end up? As the smell is absorbed into the fabric, it holds onto the odour until you place the undies in the wash and this is when the odour is released... The beauty of this fabric is that the absorption of odour does not hinder the natural pore structure of the fabric, hence your skin can breathe freely and naturally, maintaining its performance over time and retaining its natural softness making you and the people around you feeling much more comfortable.

* Neutralizer odour control technology is available on selected 4SKINS ranges. Please refer to care label before wash.


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